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Forgive so that you will be forgiven…

A simple thing that sometimes we barely able to do. But through God’s help and guidance, I know I’m able to do all things He has given me 🙂



Be Sensitive…

Another lesson learned within a small sermon today @ my office.


True.. true..

And how to be sensitive? Wake up early in the morning, praise Him and pray to Him for a nice day He has made and given us the chance to go through the day.


Thanks Dad 🙂

I will do it.



A year passed… without realizing that sometimes the people around you will just find their time to move on..

Move to another place, move to another phase in their life. My dream team, Mr. Huseng, Winda, Cicik and me of course. What a great team we were 😦

In April 2010, I lost Winda because she got accepted at Telkom and Mr. Huseng because he decided to work at home, running his own business. And last month, February 2011, I lost Cicik because she got accepted at Indonesia Power.

Sad?! Why wouldn’t I be… The person I used to see everyday, the person  I used to go eat together, shopping together, laughing together, doing lots of stupid things together… *sigh*

A big sigh…

But then again, I realize that God has put a track for each of us to run on it. Maybe this is still the track God wants me to be on.. And Cicik just moved to the other track in her life..  To find a better future, a future that surely God had planned for her 🙂

I didn’t say this out loud when you’re still here Cicik.. Through all the hard work we’ve shared, through all the bullies you’ve suffered because of us ^^, just know one thing.. I do care for you dear…

My dearest Cicik… be the best in every place God will put you, let you shine in every single thing you do. And I do hope, you will be placed in Jakarta, so that we can meet again…


*written by me – mellow time – I suddenly missing the existence of these three people who once I worked with and today esp. Cicik* ^^


Super Junior

I just fell in love with them

aaarggh.. can’t stop listening their song LOL.

Super Junior rocks..!!!

Receives Translation Services

Dear all bloggers, wordpress readers, etc…

Hereby, I open in receiving translation services. I have the experience in translating movies, documenters, drama series (detective, family), documents, manual book, etc.

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My heart in pain over sudden… seeing a picture of an eight year old boy, so skinny that you can see his bone structures so clear… So weak that all he can do is turn left-right while he’s laying down on his bed…

Seeing a picture of an eight year old girl, whose back bones in a curve position and she can’t do anything…

I cried.. yes, I did. Seeing that there are still forgotten people like this in my own country. Oh dear God.. what have our officials in the government doing? Just dealing with cases like pornography, the never ending corruption, racing to be the richest person on earth? While out there, there are still children like this. Who needs a helping hand… an embracing arms, a warm love so that they know that they are loved.. so they know that life is not as cruel as they see…

Dear friends,

Please be grateful that you can still breath the fresh of the morning air, the beautiful sunrise, the delicious food, the clothes and every single thing you have in life.. And help those who are in need… Coz God gave us two hands, one for us to help ourselves while the other for us to help others…

God bless…


Lesson to learn folks… never wait until the situation around you is back to normal. Because what we face in our everyday lives is never a normal situation.

I read my daily bread yesterday and found how God has spoken to me (again) through His word to help me handle the situation I’ve been having recently.

The scripture is from Ecclesiastes 11: 1-7. Two important things that I finally realize are these:

Investasi yang kita tanam belum tentu langsung membuahkan hasil (ayat 1). Pemberian kita kepada orang lain belum tentu bisa menolongnya keluar dari musibah (ayat 2).

  1. The investment we put doesn’t always gives us the result in instant.
  2. Our offering as in help to others doesn’t guarantee that specific someone will help us to go through our troubles in the future.

Learn this: Be good, think good, act good without ever think about the repayment. Do it to make God happy! And let that be the only focus in your life. To make Him Happy and smile every second of your life.

GBU & Luv,


Happy bday to me


It’s my birthday… what a great year behind & I’m sure God has prepared another Great Year for me ahead…

Being grateful.. want to be a better person, a better daughter, a better daughter in law, a better sister, a better sister in law, a better wive, a better mom… a 1000 times better…

Thank U Father…

“Dan siapapun yang memaksa engkau berjalan sejauh satu mil, berjalanlan bersama dia sejauh dua mil” Mat 5:41 — just received this verse this morning… Yes Lord, I’m ready to walk with U for another mile… or two.. or three.. or more.. ^_^

Jesus Rocks!!!



I attended the service at my Church yesterday. The priest was Ridwan Hutabarat. He taught us how to be focus on what God wants and not what we want. To make God happy with every little thing we do.

He took a verse from Phil 3: 10-11

10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, 11 if, by any means, I may attain to the resurrection from the dead.

A lot of people want to know Jesus the way they want and not the way Jesus wants.  How to make God happy? There are four things within the verse that we need to be focus on. They are:

  • Know your God! We are created by Him to be used by Him. Here’s an illustration, which one will be broken down first, a house which was left empty (abandoned) or a house which is lived by people? Easy to answer right. That’s the picture of us in the hand of God. If you wouldn’t let God USES you, then it is just a matter of time that you’ll be broken down.
  • Know His resurrection’s power! As for His resurrection, He has beaten down the most deadliest thing that is your SINS which is the sting of death. You know the reason God wants you to forgive others who have done bad things to you? Because God says, if you forgive others who trespass you, then He will also forgive you and vice versa. One of the unforgiven sin to God is unwilling to forgive others.
  • Have a unity with His suffering. If you want to be a real Christian, then let God process you. Be into one with His suffering. Enjoy the suffering, because God strengthen you through the suffering. And the problems you are dealing with is just ordinary problems. Because God is extraordinary.
  • Be like Jesus! Less of me, and having more of Him inside of me until me, myself is no longer me, but Christ in me. So, learn to be like Jesus. Ask Jesus to guide you in every step you take. For He is extraordinary ^^

God bless.


This morning I read my best friend sister’s note on Facebook entitled “My Parents Legacy.” It’s so beautiful and moved me so much.

Remind me of myself… What have I done for my parents during my living years with them *now that I’m married and moved out of the house* makes me wonder what else can I do to make my parents happy as long as they live.

My husband once told me that “the only time you can make your parents happy is when they are still alive.”

So, have you make your parents happy enough yet?

Don’t regret for the things that you have done, but regret on the things you haven’t done. Remember, you cannot turn back the time ^^

God bless,