Today my company is having an event that is celebrating happy birthday for employees whose having birthday in the month of April.

Least they know that two of their co-workers are leaving the company today ‘coz it will be their last day working in this company. Ironic? Naaah… I don’t think as it that way.

Not that I’m an expert in this whole ‘separation’ stuff. But, in life there is nothing that lasts forever. People come and go. One minute they are working with you, the next minute they’re not. So, it’s not surprising. However, I’m not arguing or saying that I don’t feel sad at all.

I do feel kinda sad for losing two of my best co-workers, my manager *lasts for two months aaaargh* and one of my crews. Both have been given a better chance to improve in their expertise.

Today, my other crew and Legal manager who are very close with my department are preparing a very simple gift for them. A picture of the five of us together which was taken on the 21st April 2010 wearing batik ^^.. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhu it makes her cry of course xixixixixi.. glad they love our gift.

So… I won’t say ‘Goodbye’ to them but I will say “I’ll see you soon” somewhere, some place where God put us together in the same road ^^,